Anne Davies

Artist, Author and Teacher

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  • Get Crafty - Tie and Dye It! (Scottish Home & Country, April 2004)
  • A World in Bloom (The Sign, May 2004)
  • Weave with Junk (Homeschooling Horizons Magazine, February 2005)
  • Your Edwardian Ancestors (Family History Monthly, August 2005)
  • Make a Poppy Wreath (Learning Through History, November 2005)
  • Make a Kimono Decoration (Learning Through History, March 2006)
  • Make Do and Mend - A Campaign to Stop Waste (Learning Through History, November 2006)
  • Make A Sparkly God's Eye (The Scally Mag, winter 2006)
  • Make Your Own Paper Toys - A review of the Toymaker, a Website for families (The Scally Mag, spring 2007)
  • Go Print Crazy! (The Scally Mag, summer 2007)
  • An Artist Profile Interview - Ebook: Artella Anthologies Series, July 2007
  • Make a Spooky Lantern (The Scally Mag, autumn 2007)
  • Christmas - It's in the Bag! (The Scally Mag, winter 2007)
  • American Indian Dance Bells (Learning Through History, February 2008)
  • Shrink Plastic - Fantastic! (The Scally Mag, Spring 2008)

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Valentine's Craft Project for an E-zine: Rustic Style Heart ( February 2012)