Anne Glynis Davies

Artist, Author and Teacher


Sewing World: Issue January 2015

A non-folding fan known as Uchiwa in Japan, adds a striking oriental look to any home. Made from up-cycled cotton fabric, the fan is tied on to a bamboo handle by lengths of machine-made cord. For an added twist, the cord is decorated with Tyvek® beads.

Welcome to my website.....

I am a freelance artist, writer and teacher based in Cheshire, United Kingdom. I work in textiles and mixed media. Felt-making, dyeing and stitching are the big cornerstones in my work. I love the way each textile piece is unique and says a lot about how I'm feeling at that particular moment in time.

My inspiration comes mainly from the Nature - she has so many beautiful colours, textures and patterns. During autumn and winter of 2013, I braved the cold and spent many hours sketching decayed plant forms in gardens, my local park and countryside. I kept all my sketches, good and bad; to use in some machine embroidery experiments.

I've also been studying calligraphy and letter art - I'm keen to try and incorporate lettering into my embroidery work.

I hope by visiting this site you will discover the joy to be had in making something of your own. Whether you are a complete newbie to art & craft or a more experienced practitioner, there is always something new to learn. I am a real believer in life-long learning.

You will find links to a portfolio of my published writing work, a gallery of images relating to my teaching projects, some free projects to download, and a little background information about me, too.

Be happy in all the creative work you do!